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Facebook Login Swift 3 Tutorial – Adding Facebook Login to iOS App ... Custom UITableViewCell Tutorial – TableView with Images and Text in...


I have a custom button for facebook login. here is the code for it


Facebook has a Swift SDK that they provide (although documentation on this is scarce) and I will be going over exactly what you need to do to create a Facebook login in Swift 3.0!


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Facebook Login using custom button in Swift Language. Xcode Version 8. Article is Updated with the Facebook 4.16 SDK [27-September-2016]. Install Pods.


Hello guys, this post is about Facebook Login in Swift 3. If you want to add Facebook Login feature in your iOS Application then here is “Facebook Login Swift 3 Tutorial” for you.


The solution to your first problem is the following: No need to add the completion: word to the end of the function. Your function should look like this: FbLoginManager.logIn(["public_profile", "email", "user_friends"], viewController: self) { result in // handle the result }. Make sure you delete the extra...


Update (November 7, 2016) - Swift 3.0.1 (Xcode 8.1) This tutorial shows how to create a Facebook login button using Swift 2.1.1 (Xcode 7.2). Objective-C programmers may directly refer to the instructions in Quick Start for iOS (Login with your Facebook account and select iOS.).