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With Sprint already rolling out their Jelly Bean updates to Samsung Galaxy S III owners here in the United States, international users have already had a chance to check out Android's newest OS on their S3, but all is not gravy. It seems that folks have been noticing an increase in battery drain when...


: Samsung Galaxy S III & S III Triband. : Battery Drain after 4.3 Jelly Bean update-Galaxy 3...


Samsung Galaxy S3 & Jelly Bean battery life problems. Following installation of the Verizon Jelly Bean update people said that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 started to drain faster when the handset was doing nothing overnight.


Finally after a long wait, Samsung has started pushing up Android Jelly Bean firmware updates for Samsung Galaxy S Advance users. This phone initially launched with GingerBread firmware didn’t even receive ICS update. The first country to get jellybean android 4.1.2 firmware update is Russia.


If you are suffering from short battery life and long charge times after doing the OTA Jellybean 4.3 update this is the fix which worked for me. I have an Samsung Galaxy Note 2. - full backup of phone using Samsung Kies - factory reset\wipe...


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3 Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After 4. - Motorola Atrix 4G / 2. 0. And stays Jan 23, 2018 Problem: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and since last update (on


So apparently the update Galaxy S2 to Android Jelly Bean is eating a lot of the battery very fast. Some advice may be given to prevent battery draining too fast, for example turning off Wi-Fi when not using it, turning off location from Settings, disabling all the...


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