25 сен 2017 ... Kamchatka crab salad / prawns / guacamole / heart of palm. Салат с ростбифом / тайский .... Grilled calamari / potatoes rosti / artichokes / Aioli sauce. Камчатский краб / тайский соус ... SIXTY burger. 950 руб. Чёрный бургер / краб кейк / соус кимчи / Black burger / crab cake / kimchi sauce 1950 руб.


Соусы / Sauce. Соус айоли / Aioli sauce. 50 g. 80,-. Соус тартар / Tartar sauce. 50 g. 80,-. Соус томатная сальса / Tomato salsa sauce. 50 g. 80,-. New! новое / new .... King crab phalanges with tomato and melon salad. 4 Кальмары гриль в лимонно-чесночном соусе. 175 g. 370,-. Grilled squid with lemon-garlic sauce.


Rhode Island dressing. Half a lobster, shrimps, smoked shrimps, marinated king prawns, tiger prawn, an oyster, crab, ... Half a lobster, aioli and Rhode Island sauce. Половина омара, айоли и соус «Род-Айленд» ... Lemon cream cheese cake and boysenberry sauce. Лимонное пирожное с молодым сыром и соусом из ...

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Venison tartare / marinated cucumber / quail egg / honey soaked mustard seeds / sour cream- basil aioli. Тартар из ... Tiger prawns with smoked mackerel / egg / mayonnaise / onions / tobiko roe / cucumber gazpacho sauce. Тигровые ... Tomato cream soup / crab meat Crème Brûlée / pickled asparagus. Томатный суп ...


Teramoto scallops aioli. Fresh grilled scallops ... Lobster tail, yuzu Hollandaise sauce and crab, chili Hollandaise sauce, soya-mirin-ginger .... ponzu sauce (5 pcs). CRISPY SOFT with shichimi spice, нигири с хрустящим крабом,. 14.60. SHELL CRAB garlic chili sauce, с приправой шичими, чесноч-. NIGIRI tobiko caviar (4 ...


Roasted farm baby chicken with mashed potatoes and black garlic Aioli sauce. Assorted ... Pierrade. PIERRADE is dish in which thin slices of meat, fish or seafood are cooked on a heated stone and served with sauces and grilled vegetables. ... Kamchatka crab legs with oatmeal porridge, sous vide egg and Adjika 1,250.


On ice with lemon aioli sauce, baked pepper homemade ketchup. & tomato-garlic aioli. Homemade tagliolini with baked pepper. Thermidor. Fresh Crab . .... Served with truffle-parmesan fries, homemade ketchup of roasted pepper. & tomato- garlic aioli. Chicken breast panini, zucchini, white grapes, manchego. & house root ...


Crab Toast. 16.00. With lemon aioli. Roasted Portobello and Celery Leaves. 9.00. Roasted Asparagus, Kalamata Olives, Garlic, Basil and Lemon. 13.00. Steamed Artichoke, Tender Greens and Spicy Oregano Dressing. 16.00. Roasted Beets. 14.00. With housemade yogurt. Ramp and Goat Cheese Toast. 15.00. Appetizers .


Ciabatta with roast beef, onion chutney and homemade aioli - 4 pieces. Паштет ... в цитрусово-кунжутной заправке. Tuna tartar with smoked sour cream and citrus-sesame dressing. Мини-чебурек 5 .... и соусом манго. Salad with crab, passionfruit marshmallow and mango sauce. Оливье с копчёным куриным карпаччо ...


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*AIOLI FOR CRAB CAKES: Whisk all ingredients together and season to taste with salt and pepper (can be a day or 2 ahead. Cover and refrigerate). 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise. 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice. 6 large garlic cloves, minced. 1/2 Tbs Sriracha hot sauce.


1/4 cup of Lemon Aioli Sauce. Some coconut oil (for frying the crabcakes). Instructions.


I even complimented the crab cakes with a brownie brittle aioli sauce with a little added heat to it.


These crab cake bites are perfect for any party. They make a great appetizer. They have lump crab meat and old bay seasoning with a cheesy and crispy crust.


Add the crab cakes and cook until lightly browned on both sides. Serve on heart shape toasts with chipotle aioli sauce.


I may be a decorating maverick for bucking this decorating standard, but choosing just one color for your interior can actually be more difficult than strategically choosing a few paint colors, instead. so we bring you Red pepper aioli sauce for crab cakes to make your day better then before.


Crab cakes aioli sauce recipe.


Aioli Sauce for crab cakes: mayo, dijon, paprika, parsley, and a dash of Worcester shire sauce Easy and yummy, LT. March 19, 2016 1 Share. simple paleo recipe for crab cakes with lemon aioli sauce.


Occasionally, I find myself with very odd cravings, and I'm sure you can all relate! Sometimes the cravings are pretty general - spicy food, for example. And sometimes, they are very specific - like Mi Ranchito's cream cheese chicken enchiladas!! Most recently, I found myself craving seafood.


Mix in cooked vegetables, hot sauce, and salt and pepper, to taste. Add crabmeat and stir well. Form crab cakes using about 2 tablespoons of crab mixture for each cake..


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