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РАСПРОДАН. Boomslang Ghost Pepper Sauce 5oz. Об этом товаре.


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Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce may take more than just your breath away. 5 Fl. Oz. Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Chile Extract, evaporated cane juice, fresh habanero peppers, Ghost Pepper, garlic, onion, 160,000 scoville cayenne pepper, spices and xathan gum.


Boomslang Ghost Pepper Sauce - 5 ounce bottle. This section is for our serious chiliheads!


The pepper is the Ghost Pepper. Put the two together and you have Boomlsang Hot Sauce.


Boomslang Ghost Pepper Sauce, 5oz. by Mad Dog 357. 4.3 out of 5 stars 6 customer reviews.


Ghost Pepper or Bhut Jolokia is one of the World's Hottest Peppers and is rated by Guinness World Records at more than 1 million Scoville Heat Units (SHUs).


Dive deep into the super-hot ghost pepper (a.k.a. Bhut Jolokia). In our profile, we review its overall heat, unique flavor, culinary uses, and availability.


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