Complete the sentences with the correct tense forms of the verbs in brackets. 1. If you don't put ..... Model: If the neighbours don't stop shouting, I'll call the police.

These types of conditions are used in three types of sentences, called first, ... [ imagined future situation]If the taxi doesn't come soon, [future result]I'll drive you ...

There aren't … students at the moment. 7 . ... Complete the sentences using possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, our, ... I'll bring … own sheets and towels.

If we don't win, millions of young people won't have the chance to have a good, free university education. ... We'll have a great time, a) unless you do more exercise. ... Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: .

If the main sentence is affirmative, then the question tag is usually negative, so: You do live here, don't you? and vice versa. 1. ... Choose the option that complete the sentence correctly, won't you? .... We'll see you next time, won't we? Next ...

Complete the sentences using the new words. 1. ... Don't be d______ about the results of your test: next time you'll do better. ... Don't water the flowers!

Last year I shared some sentences I thought were funny and this year I've ... to do the same, but include my other favorite sentences that aren't meant to be funny. ... When I come across them in skill strengthening I'll be sure to add them in.

I don't want to go home by bus. I . 4. ... Вставьте I will / I'll + один из следующих глаголов: .... Исправьте неверные предложения, используя will или won't.

EX.8 Complete the sentences with the gerund forms of the verbs in brackets. ... There is no escaping the fact that we won't be able to complete these orders ... She is very unpredictable so there's no knowing how she'll react to the news. 8.

He thinks there won't be any petrol left ant it will be cleaner. _____ ... Look for a mistake in each sentence. Underline the ... Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. • When my ... If they won't leave soon, they'll miss the train. __.

6)They won not go to the country tomorrow, WILL THEY? 7)Young people like wearing jeans and other fashionable things, DO NOT THEY?

1) will come. 2) won t pass. 3) ll make. 4) will see. 5) won t been able.

1. Will 2. Won't 3. Will 4. Will 5. Won't. Sper ca te-am ajutat!

It's a great film. 6. They . win.

1. Be careful with that dog. It might be dangerous. 2. We won't go to that restaurant again.

1. Kay felt angry because she hadn’t closed the window. — Кей сердилась, потому что она не закрыла окно. 2. After the police had examined the flat, they found some fingerprints. — После того как полиция осмотрела квартиру, они нашли отпечатки пальцев.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word Charles Darwin was a famous ( science). Paula wants to become an English (teach).

I haven't practiced, so ı probably won't win a single match ( сегодня ночью я и мои друзья пойдем играть в теннис но я не готовился так что я точно не выграю ни единого матча) 3 sorry , I can not talk to us now I will send you an e-mail tomorrow, ok ( извини я не могу разговаривать с тобой...

I'm really tired so I think I will go to bed early tonight. I'm sure Andy won't come to the party on Saturday.

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