Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. • When my parents are ... If they won't leave soon, they'll miss the train. __. • If Kate not emails ... The ice will melt if you won't put it in the fridge. ______. 7. Think of things you do every day. What will happen if you don't do them? Write at least 3 sentences. Compare your.

3. They can send us an email, 4. We should phone them soon, 5. You'll write me a letter, 6. They didn't watch that programme,, a) won't you? b) shouldn't we? ... C) aren't we? III. Complete the sentences with the correct question tags, as in the example: Example: Cats can't swim, can they? You didn't buy a snake,……………

If we don't win, millions of young people won't have the chance to have a good, free university education. I. Match the beginning on the ... 9. It'll be a boring journey 10. We'll have a great time, a) unless you do more exercise. ... Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: It ……………. (be) cheaper ...

I expect I'll be at home. 1. Where will you go at the weekend? 2. Where will you spend your holidays? 3. What will you do if you fail your exams? 4. When will you buy your own car? 5. Who will you ask for help if you are in trouble? 10. Use the words in brackets and will or won't to complete the sentences. What will the world  ...

This yeas all the apples are red, we are going out this morning to pick … 3 . I'd like … water, please. 4 . There weren't … tomatoes left. 5 . I won't go with you. I have … free time. ... Complete the sentences using possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, our, their). 1 . I left … car in the ... I'll bring … own sheets and towels . 11 .

You should always completely enter the room before you greet someone or begin a ….. 12) If it's …… when you begin a .... Он всегда даёт мне хорошие советы. Activity 5. Find the endings of the sentences. 1. If we don't hurry, a) if I don't tidy my room. 6. If I see her, f) I'll give her your message. 2. If it rains, b) you'll be tired.

+. I, we. she, he, it, you, they. (full form). will or shall. will. work. I, she, he, it, you, we, they. (short form). 'll. −. I, we. she, he, it, you, they. (full form). will not or shall not. will not. work. I, we. she, he, it, you, they. (short form). won't or shan't. won't ? +. Will or Shall. Will. I, we. she, he, it, you, they. work? ? −. Won't or Shan't. Won't.

1 янв 2018 ... Ответы на вопрос – 10. Complete the sentences with don't have to and doesn't have to. ... I have already given the pet some feed.— Alice, you don't have to feed the parrot. 1. Mum ... shopping. Dad has already bought fruit and vegetables. 2. The boy ... early in ... He'll have them next year. 5. You ... a cake.

21 май 2014 ... Условные предложения в английском языке также называют «IF-sentences». Условное ... Если у меня будет время, я навещу вас — If I have free time I'll visit you. ... Если бы на дорогах не было так много машин, мы бы прибыли вовремя — If there wasn't so much traffic, we could arrive in time.

I completely forgot. I'll do it right now. 4. They are playing really well. I think they are going to win. 5. - Have you got tickets for the concert? - Yes. We are going on Sunday. 6. She is going to travel round the world. 7. It is raining heavily outside. 8 . She's listening to the rock music. 9. He isn't playing football this season. 10.

Complete the sentences. July 21, 2014 -. Complete the following using an appropriate clause or phrase. Choose your answers from the given options.

A) Have you ever won the prize? B) I have ___two e-mails.

7. My brother … read well by the age of seven, but he's always had problems with maths. 8. Last night we heard a noise outside our window.

Complete the sentences with one of the following words : JUST , ALREADY, YET, EVER, NEVER, STILL.

Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.

Ответ или решение1. 1 - They won`t go to the party, will they? 2 - This house is new, isn't it? 3 - I`m your doctor, aren't I? 4 - There is much snow there, isn't there? 5 - There is no juice in the fridge, is there? 6 - She never comes in time, does she?

Then complete the notes. •Island Tour. •13 Match sentences 1–11 with responses a)–k). •14 Complete with conversation with one word in each gap.

Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 9 Completing the Sentence. While some people relish Limburger chee…

I expect it _ cold later. 7. Stop worrying about the exam – you _ easily. 8. Why do you want to leave so early? It _____ very long to get there. B. Look at the sentences and make one complete sentence, using the word in bold.

Then compare your sentences with your partner.

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