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Refrigerator temperature settings aren't always accurate. Here's how to set yours, from the appliance-testing experts at Consumer Reports.


Our fridge freezer model E442B door alarm sounds even when closed.


We've had our fridge/freezer for 6 months and the door alarm keeps going off. It's been doing it a few months and it's driving us nuts.


Your fridge freezer sits in the corner working hard all day every day of the year. You know everything is in working order until that is, you hear a constant alarm


Monitor your refrigerators, freezers, coolers, chillers and all other types of cold storage systems for food service, restaurant, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, lab, and home storage with ThermoWorks fridge and freezer alarms. Hi and low alarms make sure an acceptable temperature range is...


Mini fridge freezer compartment keeps freezing over and then fridge becomes warmer.


A choice of time-delay Fridge door alarms, Freezer door alarms and Refrigerator door alarms to fit all types of free-standing appliances with worldwide shipping.


Recently the alarm has been sounding, at first when a lot of food was put in and then more frequently. Alarm would switch off after 3-12 hours.


Fridge temperature guide. Keep your food safe and your energy bills low.


FREEzER tEMpERAtURE ALARM. If the alarm sounds for no apparent reason, check whether. fridge. anything is keeping the door open .


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