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6. "Hermione's Furry Little Problem". Author: Gandalfs_Beard Where to read: hpfanficarchive.com Story synopsis: One of the


When a picture of Harry and Hermione appears in the Daily Prophet, Harry's girlfriend, Ginny is livid and rushes back to Britain, cutting short her vacation in the Caribbean. It's just too bad that her attempts at damage control only succeed pushing her boyfriend and the 'bushy-haired bookworm' together.


...hpfanficarchive multi, hpfanficarchive petunia, hpfanficarchive master of the force, hpfanficarchive beginning a new path, hpfanficarchive lucky harry, hpfanficarchive stargatesg1fan1, hpfanficarchive game of thrones, hpfanficarchive doing hermione a favor...


When Hermione called him asking for a favor, his stupid reply had been, "Sure 'Mione anything," and apparently anything meant pretending to be her husband for a week...


Chapter 26: Doing Hermione a Favour by erbkaiser.


Doing Hermione a Favour. Это произведение никто не публиковал - подробнее.


Hermione Granger is smart, capable, and caring. She keeps her cool in dangerous situations, and is always there to help you finish that last scroll for History of Magic. Hermione quickly became many readers' favorite character from the Harry Potter books – and who does she end up with?


Hermione needs to go back home quickly at the start of 'Order of the Phoenix', and asks Tonks to take her place that day. Tonks tries to fool Harry that she is the real Hermione, and things quickly escalate from there... (Abandoned, sorry.)


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