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From iCloud Drive, users can browse files and open them directly from iCloud, and any changes made on one device will sync instantly to all others accessing that same file from iCloud Drive, whether they’re on iOS or OS X...


Apple's iCloud Drive [Files in iOS 11] is the physical storage space where all of the files you save in iCloud are accessed on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Перед обновлением до iCloud Drive необходимо понять несколько основных моментов. Во-первых, устройства, работающие на не поддерживающих iCloud Drive версиях iOS, OS X и Windows не позволят вам получить доступ к хранящимся в «облаке» файлам.


Apple has broken out iCloud storage into its own app with iOS 9, complete with a folder interface and granular file browsing options. As seen above, the iCloud Drive app serves as a quick access portal to iPhone and iPad users' cloud-based storage.


iCloud Alternative – iCloud Drive. After installing Google Drive app on your iPhone iPad or iPod touch from iTunes store, you can back up your files, such as videos, photos and documents on your iOS devices, and get them anytime you want them.


Much as you may have been satisfied with the way iCloud synced your data in the past, if you’d hoped for comprehensive file syncing between your Mac, iOS devices, and the cloud, you were likely frustrated.


Microsoft today released an update for its suite of Office apps on Apple's iPhone and iPad App Store for users running iOS 8. The 1.6 updates bring, along with the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, full support for saving and syncing documents via Apple's iCloud Drive service (via...


GoodReader, a robust PDF reader for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, has received an update Friday bringing out support for a pair of distinct new features in iOS 8: Handoff and iCloud Drive.


Restore or set up your iOS device from iCloud.


For iOS 8 and later: iCloud Drive (iPhone Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive) must be set to ON.


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