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Straight talk apn settings iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


my iphone 4s is unlocked and i just got a straight talk sim and put it in my phone and went to set up my mms and data settings, but they vanished? when i put in my old tmobile sim card they come back? anyone else have this problem/ had it and fixed it?


Activate your SIM by calling 1-855-222-2355 or online at www.straighttalk.com/activate.


iPhone 6s with StraightTalk - Will Your iPhone Work? - Duration: 2:41. smartphonematters 8,212 views.


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I just ordered an iPhone 6s through the Apple Store and chose T Mobile as my carrier due to the fact that they are unlocked if paid in full. I've seen other people use AT&T SIM cards with the T Mobile phone but I'm scared that the Straight Talk nano sim will not work with it.


Hello, i have recently been thinking of buying a straight talk IPhone 6. What I want to know is that if I can take my SIM card out of my iPhone 5s that is a regular sim not a prepaid and insert it into the iPhone 6 and it will work just like my iPhone 5s?


You can check if your iPhone is eligible on straighttalk.com.


@susan Unless your SIM card came out of a Nokia E71 or unless you ordered it directly from straight talk, you will not be able to use in your iPhone. Straight talk also uses T-mobile as a matter of fact most of their SIM card based phones are...


Imagine purchasing a new iPhone 6, and upon review of its enhanced iCloud lock, SIM lock, and blacklist features, you realize that you do not possess any know-how of unlocking it! This article will inform you on how to unlock iPhone 6 straight talk network.


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