18 сен 2008 ... Здравствуйте дорогие читатели. В данной статье мы рассмотрим различные потоковые модели, которые реализованы в современных ОС ( preemptive, cooperative threads). Также кратко рассмотрим как потоки и средства синхронизации реализованы в Win32 API и Posix Threads. Хотя на  ...


Problem description: kernal task memory leaks. EtreCheck version: 2.1.8 (121). Report generated February 2, 2015 at 1:53:09 PM CST.


The basic steps to locate a memory leak are: Affirmation: Determining whether a leak has occurred. Finding Kernel-mode memory leak: Locating a leak caused


Memory usage by Chrome won't leak to kernel_task, memory usage of kernel_task stays consistent and low. What went wrong? After a day or two, kernel_task will be shown to take up additional memory, typically 4-5gb over what's normal.


Report Bugs and Memory Leaks. Bugs within OS X will be leaking memory. Given the size of the code base, this is almost certain. Please report reproducible bugs directly to Apple.


I have previously been told that a sign that some application has a memory leak is that kernel_task has a large memory footprint, commonly on the order of gigabytes. If an awry kext was causing this memory usage...


I noticed that my computer was using a lot of memory and went to my activity monitor and there was something named kernel_task th...


I am running Sierra, but this seems to be a long running problem for me. I have 16GB of RAM on my rMBP (mid-2013), but this becomes less and less sufficient for my tasks. I notice that after a couple of days uptime, kernel_task seems to eat a lot of memory.


Kernel Task Using Memory have an image from the other.Kernel Task Using Memory It also...


After checking on memory, it seems kernel task ate 7GB and 22.36GB swap memory was used of total 23GB (which obviously was the case).


I saw the post on netkas a while ago about the memory leaks in Lion for the NVidia drivers. What was posted wasn't nearly as bad as what I see with Mountain Lion 10.8. Right now my kernel_task is 6.9G resident, with total wired memory at 7.2G.


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