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The Temp Alarm System Is Designed To Alert You If The Freezer Or Refrigerator Temperatures Exceed Normal Operating Temperatures Due To A Power Outage Or Other Event.


TWO ALARM SETTINGS: High and Low Temperature Manually Set Alarms. TEMPERATURE RANGE: -58 to 158°F (-50 to 70°C) with an Accuracy of +/- 2°F. Ship from American.THREE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Magnet, Key Hole or Flip Down Stand.


A martin media production where we try to get something from the fridge... But the tempature alarm sure is scary!


Fridge is working fine, except after an hour the temperature alarm started beeping the refrigerator side is flashing between 38 and 52 and the freezer side is flashing between 0 and 17 degrees. Can anybody recommend a fix?


It will start beeping at you again if it's not down to temperature within a few hours. And the only way you know if the fan inside the freezer is running is to open the freezer door. So let it continue on running since you know it's running and see what happens.


MAYTAG SERVICE TEST The service test functions are performed using the refrigerator display and keypad. Enter the Service Test Mode by performing the


250 Answers. Re: Maytag fridge alarm light flashing.


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