Feb 21, 2018 ... “Venture Into the Wild is a pre-constructed Wild Tavern Brawl that anyone can pick up and play in a snap. Just pick a class, and we'll outfit you with a Wild deck that's ready to rumble. We'll leave the decks themselves a secret, so get in there and try each one the week Venture Into the Wild goes live. Venture ...


Here is the Shaman - Mid-Range deck list, played by Weifu during the ESL Legendary Series S1 Finals.


Episode 43: Mid-Range Mech Shaman Deck. This week Studder had some family in town for the holidays so we had long time Power Hour fan Tim (@ReviewDadMedia) come in and hang out!


Jeeves – This doesn’t fit as well as in the Shaman list, I think, because there are a lot more expensive cards, but it’s worth a shot. Undertaker – It’s possible this should be a hybid Mech/death rattle deck much like Hunters are generally death rattle/Beasts.


Along with this deck list, I have wrote up a small guide to help any new players understand how to choose Mulligans/Opening-Hands, Play-style, and adapting to your current Meta.


I hit legend today with mech shaman. Went 16-4 with my list. Fel reaver is like the best card in the deck, i dont understand why you cut it. I also play 2 clockwork gnomes to get the board much more consistentlyearly.




I had tried Mech Aggro Shaman when GvG first came out, but a much lower curved deck with Jeeves - it wasn't great.


Mech Shaman Deck List. Posted By: Evident - Published: August 1, 2015 - Updated: 3 years ago.


Wild Mech Shaman Deck. Last updated on Aug 10, 2017 at 19:19 by Pesty 11 comments. Table of Contents. 1. Card List.


The Mecha-Man Shaman. With the popularity of the Mech Mage, some deck builders attempted to make other classes work with the mechs.


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