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Not so with this 1983 SR400 cafe build by Carl Johansson of Sweden. This has to be one of the cleanest, most well-sorted SR400’s we’ve seen.


Yamaha SR400 Neo Cafe Racer by Motor Garage Goods.


I recently stumbled across the Instagram profile of Cyu-G and his Yamaha SR400 cafe racer. Despite a language barrier we managed to communicate enough to put together the following interview to share...


Cafe Racer Special: Yamaha SR400 GRIEVOUS ANGEL by Deus Australia.


Jorge’s SR400 Cafe Conversion. Stylish and original ideas always excite me. When I was introduced to the Cafe Racer style of motorcycles I was immediately hooked up by the concept and history behind...


#10 1983 Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer “Dorotea”. This 1983 model was built by Carl Johansson from Sweden. Dorotea was the first custom project of the Swedish builder.


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Sr400 Pantip. Not Found.


...Sony Music, TRACE TV & Hard Rock Cafe This an exclusive live performance of “the classic man” Jidenna this Thursday . This promises to be the most exciting...


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