Her sister's name (to be) Ann. 3. ... (not / to write) 3) ____ you____ English? (to speak) 4) My mother ____ fish. (not / to like) ... 6) His brother _____ in an office.


She said, “I am going to speak French.” She said, “I will speak ... Our neighbour said his name (be) Fred. (Наш сосед ... I knew that my sister … (have/has/had) a  ...


My brother-in-law, and sister-in-law (French teacher extraordinaire(s)) showed me this SUPER cute Paris city coloring activity, and I have to say the kids loved it!


In your letter answer his questions, ask 3 questions about his plans for travelling. ..... My sister had a great birthday party yesterday! ..... As for the latest news, my elder brother Tom has entered university… .... Isn't it amazing that all the 10-year- old boys could read, write and speak French before they got to the Lyceum?!


brother-in-law, зять (zjat') sister's husband ... sister-in-law, неве́стка (nevestka) brother's wife золо́вка ... Corrections and additions by Denis Cobrousev.


Это мой брат. This is my brother. Это моя сестра. This is my sister. Это мои вещи. These are my things. На мой взгляд, нет ничего́ лу́чше друзе́й. In my view ...


Emile-Auguste Hublin / French,1830 - 1891 Victorian Art, Victorian Women, ..... Brother and Sister. ... The Two Sisters, 1877 William-Adolphe Bouguereau.


Arabic German English Spanish French Hebrew Italian JapaneseBETA ... Give my love to my sister and try not to be a burden, dear. ... And after 30 years, the least you could do is say hello. ... Your brother and his lot all send you their love.


Margie and her sister ____ wonderful voices. ... Dad (walk) ____ the dog, I (water ) ____ the flowers, and my brothers (clean) ____ the rooms. ... Does ... speak


My older brother has decided to collect mugs, imagine that. ... I even learned surfing at one of the Australian beaches! ...... The problem is that I'm very shy and I'm always afraid of looking silly or saying something silly. ... on the lake, Mum and my younger sister sunbathed and played badminton, and I tried to train our puppy.


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Q: How to say I must admit that I snore. in French? A: Je dois vous avouer que je ronfle… (human translation). Improve your language skills for free!


How do you say what your brothers and sisters are called in french? Quels sont les noms de tes frères et tes soeurs? = [say to a friend] What are the names of your brothers and sisters?.


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