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Apple ID security questions help ensure that you're the only person who can access your own account, but they can be a major problem if you forgot the answers to any of the questions.

it ask my security questions but i forgot them please help 🙂.

When you do not know your security questions and have no recovery email access, the best thing to do is to call applecare. You can find the phone numbers in this link. When you have two-step vertification enabled, apple can't reset your password. Without your recovery code, your apple id will...

If you have forgotten your Apple ID security answers, or would like to change your questions for other security reasons, there are several methods that you can.

source: I forgot my apple id security question answers. and i cant find any ways to reset them without answering them. what should i do?

If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID security question answers, then you’d better hope you’ve got a rescue email address on file.

I forgot my security question answer Apple ID and my recovery email address has since been deleted and disabled.

I’m dubious that anyone could forget their Apple ID, their email address, verification questions, and the password. If it does happen though, that person

i created my apple id like 4 years ago and i completely forgot my answers and everything. is there a way to retrieve them because i really want an app on my new

I "forgot" my security questions for my Apple ID. The reason i put it in quotes is because i only remember answering 2 security questions

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